Montessori Wooden Vehicles Puzzles

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Get your motor on with these classic wooden vehicle jigsaw puzzles. Six sturdy, wooden vehicles come in this package to assemble for your future astronauts or submariners.

🚙 Develops important skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and builds a foundation for a lifetime love of learning

🚙 HIGH QUALITY - easily grasped by tiny hands 

🚙 Made from high-quality pieces with smooth edges 

🚙 Safe for 1, 2, & 3-year-old boys and girls

🚙 Bright vibrant colors and cute animal shapes for hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.

🚙 Includes 6 different vehicles


✅ Perfect for Speech Development

Enhance your little one 's speech development with this toy

Encourage them to name the vehicles, colors, and shapes while you are playing

⭐️ Ask questions: "what is this vehicle?" "does this one have wheels?" "what color is this rocket?"

⭐️ Improve pronunciation


WHAT! There’s more?

❤️ Eye-catching colors and patterns: these educational baby-appropriate puzzles have beautiful bright vibrant colors and cute shapes, which can enhance boys and girls' capacities of learning colors and recognizing vehicles, stimulating brain development, cultivating patience, imagination, and concentration

❤️ Nice presents: Select baby wooden puzzles as presents for your boys and girls, who will feel excited and happy to receive such an interesting and meaningful present on Christmas or their birthday. They can play with them at home or outdoors with parents or friends, and they will cherish it and may even put it on display in their bedroom.

These are great for exercising little ones’ mouths, too. Learning to sound like an airplane or a tractor will exercise those speech muscles.

Gift your child with a quality toy that will challenge him, stimulate development, and nurture his motor skills!

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