Montessori Object Permanence Box

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Good buy

My son love it a d the ball got his attention the longest which means it’s lost now but we continue to use the box with other balls that fit

Speech Blubs Toys Montessori Object Permanence Box Review


We got this when my son turned 6 months old....and he's still loving it three months later!

Speech Blubs Toys Montessori Object Permanence Box Review

Love this toy!

Great quality and my little one loves it!

Speech Blubs Toys Montessori Object Permanence Box Review


My daughter loves this toy.

Speech Blubs Toys Montessori Object Permanence Box Review
Rachel P.

Good quality, smooth and rounded surfaces!

Just received this, but already very happy with it. My daughter is soon to be 7mths old and I wanted to start introducing this to her. I'm very impressed with the quality and finishing of this product. I'm not worried about splintering or sharp corners, everything is smooth and rounded off. The ball is the perfect size for helping my daughter to use more pressure at her fingertips to grip, further developing that pincer grasp. The only critique I might have is that the walls of the tray be higher. It's easy for the ball to pop out of the tray.

Speech Blubs Toys Montessori Object Permanence Box Review

Sturdy, well-made toy to teach object permanence. That means your child will learn that out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean that it disappears.

🧩 Great for hand-eye coordination
🧩 Improve fine motor skills
🧩 Quality wooden 

What your kiddo will learn:

🌱 Just drop the little ball into the hole in the box. The ball will roll out of the box and into the attached tray, giving your kiddo a sense of object permanence by seeing that the ball didn’t disappear.

🌱 Practice precise hand movements while sending information to the brain. Also develops hand, wrist, and finger control - also known as "refined hand movements."

🌱 Repeated use of this helps the child learn how it feels to succeed and achieve a goal on his own.


✅ Perfect for Speech Development

Enhance your little one 's speech development with this toy

Encourage them to name the objects and colors after you while playing

⭐️ Ask questions: "where is the ball?" "what colors is the ball" "where did the ball go?"

⭐️ Improve pronunciation

✅ More about what they’ll learn:

❤️ Object permanence is understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be perceived (seen, heard, touched, smelled, or sensed in any way).

❤️ A toddler can take the ball and put it through the hole. For little babies, it’s a challenge for them for their eye-hand coordination. After the ball rolls out, they see the ball show up again and learn object permanence.

A great “peek-a-boo” type exercise for your little one!

Gift your child with a quality toy that will challenge him, stimulate development, and nurture his motor skills!

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